"Anne of Green Gables - Fire & Dew"

premiered September 23, 2018

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Anne of Green Gables

Fire & Dew

Aired: 2018-09-23 1:25:51 Expires: 2018-10-08 Rating: TV-G

Anne Shirley heads to school in the city, and Matthew and Marilla face emptiness.

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About the Film

Through the influence of a spirited new teacher, Miss Stacy, Anne steps up her ability at scholarship and competes for the few spaces available at a teacher’s college. Her hard work and competitive nature (especially with Gilbert Blythe) pay off. When Anne leaves for Queen’s College, Matthew and Marilla feel a sudden emptiness in their lives.Anne moves to Charlottetown and is overwhelmed by her new surroundings, difficult classes at teacher’s college and a deepening romance with Gilbert. At the sametime, Matthew and Marilla deal with health and financial difficulties that jeopardize their lives at Green Gables.

A Closer Look at Fire and Dew

"Anne of Green Gables - Fire & Dew" was produced by Breakthrough Entertainment and made possible by Canada Media Fund and Shaw Rocket Fund.

Breakthrough EntertainmentCanada Media FundShaw Rocket Fund

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