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Twenty years after Princess Diana’s death, a new film reveals her story in her own words.

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About the Documentary

In August 2017 it will be 20 years since Princess Diana was killed in a car crash. Since then Diana’s story has changed from an extraordinary episode in the immediate past to one beginning to resemble history. This film tells the story of Diana’s life using a combination of interviews and archival material, including rarely seen, filmed conversations with Diana that are unique for their directness and disarming frankness.

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A Closer Look at "Diana - Her Story"

More About "Diana - Her Story"

The film places the story of Diana’s life against the backdrop of a Britain in turmoil, a country that in the early 1980s was more divided than it had been for decades. The country needed a fairy tale, and at first, the marriage of Diana and Charles seemed to outsiders that it might live up to those expectations. But as we know now, it didn’t quite work out like that.

By 1992, the marriage between Charles and Diana was in trouble. Feeling like she needed to carve her own path, Diana spent several months with speech coach Peter Settelen, learning how to give speeches, polishing her speaking style, figuring out what her story would be, and determining how she wanted to present herself. These sessions with Settelen were central to Diana’s transformation from the shy young bride who stepped onto the world stage in 1981 to arguably the most famous woman in the world at the time of her death in 1997. These sessions were filmed with an amateur video camera, and what they capture is the only known, unmediated footage of Diana. Through this lens, we see her as perhaps only those closest to her did: lively, mischievous, humorous and charming.

Interviewees include only those who knew Diana personally: Anne Allan, who worked with Diana as her dance teacher for nearly a decade; Dr. James Colthurst, who knew Diana before she married Charles, and maintained their friendship up until her death; Ken Wharfe who spent years as her personal bodyguard; and Patrick Jephson who for almost a decade looked after her official business and witnessed firsthand the strife between Diana and Charles.

This film reveals the arc of Diana’s lifestory. Her ambitions and fears — for herself and her children — are all explored. A portrait of the private Diana emerges to complement the public one we already know. The life-journey of a strong, and sometimes flawed, young woman who was widely revered by many. A mother determined to do everything in her power to protect her children. This account of Diana’s life, with all her successes and weaknesses, marries the public person we think we all know with the private person we have rarely seen.

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