"Emery Blagdon and His Healing Machine" re-aired January 2017.

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Emery Blagdon And His Healing Machine

Aired: 2013-08-18 04:00:00 26:40 Rating: NR

The story of a man who spent his life building a "healing machine."

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About the Show

Premiere date: July 25, 2014

In an unheated shed near Stapleton, Nebraska in the late 1950s, visionary artist Emery Blagdon began twisting pieces of old wire into patterns with pliers, attaching aluminum foil, beads, ribbons and an infinite array of everyday cast-off items. His work became part of a unique environment that he created, believing it could generate natural energy from the earth and help people attain better health. Spurred on by personal tragedy, Blagdon's obsession to create a "Healing Machine" was life-long as he believed people could be cured by his work.

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A Closer Look at "Emery Blagdon"

More About "Emery Blagdon and his Healing Machine"

The stories of Blagdon, his “Healing Machine” and those who are responsible for preserving his great American art are told in Emery Blagdon and His Healing Machine. The program examines the complexity of Blagdon’s life and work through interviews with his family, friends and art experts. It also includes Blagdon’s home movies shot on his 8mm film camera, clips from television news reports and still photographs of Blagdon and his work.

When Blagdon died in 1986, friends of the man who wore unkempt hair, a long beard and overalls, found a way to save his creation. Blagdon’s masterpiece has been displayed at the John Michael Kohler Art Center in Sheboygan, Wis., and he is known by art collectors and museum visitors as a man with boundless visionary creativity — an artist of great significance.


"Emery Blagdon and His Healing Machine"
was produced by NET Television Nebraska.


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