"Eric Idle's The Entire Universe"

re-airs July 2 at 9/8c

Eric Idle's The Entire Universe

Eric Idle's The Entire Universe

Aired: 2017-12-22 54:30 Expires: 2018-01-20 Rating: TV-PG

Explore the history of the universe with Professor Brian Cox.

About the Show

Premiere Date: December 22, 2017

Forty-one years ago Rutland Weekend Television presented a Christmas Special on BBC2 starring Beatle George Harrison. Now through lack of popular demand, it’s back. This time the special guest star is Professor Brian Cox. 

Unfortunately Professor Brian is late arriving from Patagonia where he’s been out of all cell phone service and doesn’t realize that his "lecture" about the birth of "The Entire Universe" is in fact a musical extravaganza arranged by Eric Idle and Robin Ince alongside The Muriel Tritt School of Music and Dance.  

"The Entire Universe" also stars Warwick Davis, Noel Fielding and Hannah Waddingham with a very special guest appearance from astronaut Tim Peake.

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Read a special note from Eric Idle on "Eric Idle's The Entire Universe."

"Eric Idle's The Entire Universe" was produced by

BBC in association with Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd.

BBC Studios


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