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The Great Fire premiered October 2015

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Watch an epic drama about the 1666 Great Fire of London.

About the Program

The Great Fire is an epic drama about the 1666 Great Fire of London, when the city burned for four days. Andrew Buchan stars as Thomas Farriner, whose bakery in Pudding Lane was the flashpoint for the inferno. Charles Dance and Jack Huston also star in the four-part series.

It’s the summer of 1666. Thomas Farriner is the King’s baker, supplying bread and biscuit for the Navy, who are currently at war. A widower and single-father, Thomas works alongside his daughters Mary and Hannah, with a little help from his sister-in-law, Sarah Farriner, in his Pudding Lane bakery.

Across the city in the palace of Whitehall, the King is at a stately dance, enjoying his many spoils and women in full view of his wife, the Queen. Amidst the reverie a terrifying assassination attempt is foiled by the King’s Intelligence Officer, Lord Denton. Under interrogation, the assassin reveals he’s a Catholic fanatic and a former employee of Sarah’s boss, the Duke of Hanford, who Denton has under surveillance. Is there some kind of larger Catholic plot in the works?

Thomas returns home to Pudding Lane to find the bakery ablaze and his two daughters asleep upstairs, blissfully unaware of the fire below.

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A Closer Look at The Great Fire

About the Episodes

Episode 1
In the sweltering London summer of 1666, Samuel Pepys curries favor with King Charles II, whose chief of intelligence suspects a plot against the throne. Fire breaks out in the Pudding Lane bakery of widower Thomas Farriner, father of two daughters.

Episode 2
Thomas flees the burning city with his family. Shocked at the speed of the inferno’s spread, Pepys calls on the king to address the mayor’s failing efforts. Thomas’ sister-in-law, Sarah, is imprisoned in Newgate as her son searches for her.

Episode 3
Thomas returns to the fire to rescue Sarah and David. The king, angry that his own advisors overruled his orders to fight the fire, is informed that a Catholic plot to unseat him was allegedly masterminded by his brother, James.

Episode 4
As the fire creeps close to the gunpowder-filled Tower of London, King Charles finally takes action. Sarah is recaptured and presented to the king as the fire’s instigator. Thomas seeks Pepys’ help to influence the king in her favor.


The Great Fire was produced by Ecosse Films Limited
and ITV Global Entertainment.


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