"Home Truth" premieres October 2018

Home Truth

Home Truth

Aired: 2018-10-02 55:57 Expires: 2018-10-17 Rating: TV-PG

"Home Truth" chronicles one family’s pursuit of justice.

About the Film

In 1999, Colorado mother Jessica Gonzales experienced every parent’s worst nightmare when her three young daughters were killed after being abducted by their father in violation of a restraining order. Devastated, Jessica filed a lawsuit against the police, claiming they did not adequately enforce her restraining order despite her repeated calls for help that night. Determined to make sure her daughters did not die in vain, Jessica has pursued her case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and an international human rights tribunal, seeking to strengthen legal rights for domestic violence victims.

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A Closer Look at the Film

More About "Home Truth"

Meanwhile, her relationship with her one surviving child, her son Jessie, suffers, as he struggles with the tragedy in his own way. Filmed over the course of nine years, "Home Truth" chronicles one family’s pursuit of justice, shedding light on how our society responds to domestic violence and how the trauma from domestic violence tragedies can linger throughout generations.

"Home Truth" was produced by Adequate Images

and is a co-production of Latino Public Broadcasting and ITVS.

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Home Truth

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