"Navajo Math Circles" re-airs November 2017.

Navajo Math Circles

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Aired: 2016-09-12 04:00:00 0:30 Rating: TV-G

A desire to improve math literacy on the Navajo Nation is met with the Math Circles.

Albert Haskie-3 copy.jpgAlbert Haskie and his Rubik’s cube at home in Lukachukai.George Csicsery

About the Show

Premiere date: September 2016

"Navajo Math Circles" follows Navajo students in a lively collaboration with mathematicians. Using a model called math circles, the students stay late after school and assemble over the summer at Diné College in Tsaile, Ariz., to study mathematics. The math circles approach emphasizes student-centered learning by putting children in charge of exploring mathematics to their own joy and satisfaction.

The documentary reveals the challenges in education on the Navajo Nation and looks at a new approach for improving the mathematical skills of students. The "Navajo Math Circles" project summons applications of math in Native culture to provide tools for increasing math literacy, and highlights the special connections between Navajo culture, natural beauty and mathematics. The film shows how math circles help raise the hopes of parents, students and teachers for a brighter future.


"Navajo Math Circles" is featured in Spotlight Education, a special week of programming that examines the challenges facing today’s students and America’s education system. Learn More.

A Closer Look at Navajo Math Circles

"Navajo Math Circles" was produced by Zala Films and presented by Vision Maker Media.

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Major funding provided by the Simons Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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