Poldark Revealed premiered September 2016.

Poldark Revealed

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Aired: 2016-09-18 04:00:00 0:30 Rating: TV-PG

Follow the cast and crew of Poldark on location in beautiful Cornwall in Poldark Revealed.

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About the Show

With unforgettable characters, gripping story, fiery passions and stunning scenery, the first season of Poldark took audiences by storm.

Now with the second season almost here, PBS returns to the rugged Cornish coast to air Poldark Revealed, a one hour special following cast and crew as they bring the next stage of Winston Graham’s much beloved saga to life.

Poldark Revealed digs deep into the series’ tumultuous background through exclusive interviews from cast and crew and the creative team behind the series. Additionally, hear interviews from Poldark’s historical consultant, Dr. Hannah Greig, and an in-depth conversation with Andrew Graham (Winston Graham’s son) who reveals how his father began writing the Poldark novels when he moved to Cornwall as a coastguard during the second world war:

“I’m absolutely certain as he looked out to the sea, his imagination was taken by the space and the colours and the light…”

And as Aidan Turner, the actor playing the gallant hero says:

“We’re doing this because the books are really good, Winston wrote really well for characters I think, from the first few pages you’re in there with Ross, you get a sense of who he is.”

Read more about the show below.

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More About the Show

The new Poldark series was born from executive producer Damien Timmer’s desire to create “a big romantic sweeping saga like Poldark” and the response from executive producer Karen Thrussell, who had read and loved the original books. Working in collaboration with screenwriter and executive producer Debbie Horsfield, who after reading the books became enchanted with series, the team have created a new work in tune with the glorious track record of PBS’s MASTERPIECE.

Looking back to the original MASTERPIECE series of Poldark from the 1970s, MASTERPIECE Executive Rebecca Eaton remembers, “Poldark aired in the mid 1970s and Robin Ellis as Ross Poldark instantly won the hearts of millions and millions of women.”

In fact Robin Ellis makes a welcome return in the new series as the unpopular Judge Reverend Dr. Halse. “It was wonderful to be involved with something that meant a great deal to me forty years ago, once again," says Ellis, while Aidan Turner remembers “finishing the first take and Robin looking up and giving me a little nod with his judge’s wig and glasses and I remember thinking that the baton maybe has been passes on and it was a lovely moment that we shared together”

Taking the viewers on an exclusive journey to the real life stories behind the history, the books and its characters, Poldark Revealed uncovers the passion behind the people bringing Winston Graham’s much loved saga to live and reveals just what makes Ross Poldark the unforgettable hero we love so much.  


Poldark Revealed was produced by Midnight Oil for PBS.


Midnight Oil


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